Sabbath School: Adult (English)

Class starts at 9:30am in the Multipurpose Room with singing and prayer followed by a mission story and then the lesson study. Anyone is invited to attend this class and we sincerely hope to see you bright and early Sabbath morning as we discuss and share together about our Saviors love for us!

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Thursday: The Stone

Read Daniel 2:34-35, Daniel 2:44-45. What do these verses teach us about the ultimate fate of our world? The focus of the dream is on what will happen in the “latter days” (Dan. 2:28). As powerful and rich as they may have been, the metal (and clay) kingdoms are nothing but a prelude to the establishment of the Continue reading -->

Wednesday: The Image, Part Two

Read again the dream and its interpretation (Dan. 2:31-49). What does this teach us about God’s foreknowledge of world history? The prophecy conveyed by Nebuchadnezzar’s dream provides a general prophetic outline and functions as the yardstick with which to approach the more-detailed prophecies of Daniel chapters 7, 8, and 11. Also, Daniel chapter 2 is not a Continue reading -->

Tuesday: The Image – Part One

Read Daniel 2:24-30. What does Daniel say here that’s so important for us always to remember? (See also John 15:5). In response to prayer, God reveals the content of the dream and its interpretation. And Daniel does not hesitate to tell the king that the solution for the mystery comes from the “God in heaven”. Also, prior Continue reading -->

HopeSS: From Mystery to Revelation (January 18, 2020)

You can view an in-depth discussion of “From Mystery to Revelation” in the Hope Sabbath School class led by Pastor Derek Morris. Click on the image to view: You may download an MP4 video file, and audio file or a PDF lesson outline from the HopeSS site. With thanks to Hope Channel – Television that Continue reading -->

Monday: The Prayer

Daniel immediately grabs his three friends for a prayer session, explaining that they will be executed if God does not reveal the dream. Whenever we face a big problem, we also should recognize that our God is great enough to resolve even the most unsolvable challenges. Read Daniel 2:17-23. What are the two kinds of prayers Continue reading -->

Sunday: The Immanence of God

Read Daniel 2:1-16. What crisis do the Hebrews face because of the dream that the Lord gives to the king? Dreams were taken very seriously in the ancient world. When a dream seemed foreboding, it often indicated an impending disaster. Thus, it is understandable why Nebuchadnezzar becomes so anxious about a dream that, to make things Continue reading -->