Congregational Video Sing-Along Upload

Please, read the following and then fill out the form below to submit your video, thank you!


Thank you for your interest in helping provide your church with content to watch online on Sabbath. It can be difficult to be asked to maintain social separation while still feeling as though you are still involved with many of the events at church from before the pandemic. Our hope is that this will help you to remember that your involvement is an important part of what the weekly Sabbath worship service is about, even when we cannot meet in person.


Below is a form for you to fill out that will allow you to send/upload your video to us, as well as, allow us to legally show the video sing-along that you recorded on our church's YouTube Channel. This is our first attempt at this, so please be patient as we work out any issues that may arise.


Please know that while we would love to show every video we are sent, we can not guarantee or promise that your video will be shown due to both creative and possible legal needs. We very much appreciate your effort to be involved with your church and we hope that you will find this both enjoyable and a blessing.


Thank you for your willingness to help your church service to grow and evolve during this very unique time in this world!


If you need any help to upload your video, or if you have any questions at all, please contact the Fullerton Church Office and let them know you need help. We will do our best to help you.


To contact the Church Office, call 714-525-4561 or email


Please fill out the form below to upload your video to us, thank you!